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  Kang plastic mold Electronics Co. Ltd.

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  Site is located in Feng Gang Guan Jing tou Fu Min Xi Lu Yi Jie No. 3, the company registered capital of 300 million yuan, plant area of 2500 square meters. Our mainly engaged in plastic mold design, development and manufacturing and plastic beer processing, the main customers for Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese funded enterprises. The main products for the power supply, battery charger shell, computer and communication (mobile phone), electronic connectors, is also involved in electronic package of plastic products, household electrical appliances, such as.

  Department of mold company existing CNC machining center computer 4, EDM processing equipment 4, 8 sets of milling machine, grinding machine 2 sets, large lathe 2 sets, large radial drilling machine 2 sets, automatic lathes and Taiwan etc. equipment. A month more than complete mold 50 sets of molds

  Mold engineering department with engineers, programmers, designers and more than more than three product designers

  Mold department has 30 people.

  The injection department of the existing 15 sets of injection molding machine, tonnage from 90 tons to 350 tons; the injection department 35 people

  The injection department has 30 people, there is a common injection spray oil, a spray UV pull pull.

  The company has a group of enterprising, technology and strong team of professionals, with unique design and mold manufacturing capacity, in good faith, innovation, excellence under the guidance of philosophy by modern management mode, each class has been adhering to the: people-oriented, customer first "business principles. In accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 established perfect quality system, so that product quality has been stable and continuous improvement, technology in the peer in a leading position, implement and improve the delivery means of quality control, do the unqualified products into the hands of customers.

  To provide comprehensive quality services for customers. The products are exported to Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao to win customers trust and recognition.

  The company always superb technology, good quality awareness, first-class level of service to customers return!

  Kang Mould Plastic Electronics Co. Ltd.

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Contacts: Ms. Zhou
Tel: 0769-87576526
Fax: 0769-87516527
Email: jie0710k@163.com
URL: Http://www.dgdianzi.com/

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