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Computer integrated machine, the door is broken

Time:2016-03-04 Hits:Times

  In order to buy a new computer TV one year, January 30th, who lives in Fengxian, Mr. Sheng orders in February 1st lynx appliances, they received the goods. However, the powerup, 32 inch curved display center appeared a black cracks from top to bottom. Screen appearance good, how is the inside will be damaged?? the next day, Mr. Sheng will this call and tell the production Shenzhen Huike electron, lynx customer service and sales of Wuhan good cattle digital shops.

  Until yesterday, after nearly a month, after the identification of designated agencies has not been authorized dealers, after the storm, it was the results: a full refund of payment for goods and freight buyers.

  New display bizarre cracks

  The afternoon of February 4th, Mr. Sheng let him move out of the station distraught HKC computer television integrated machine, connected to the power supply, surface display immediately lit up, and the emergence of the Windows7 operating system interface. However, the reporter saw, there was one black crack display is an irregular, coarse. The bottom of the cracks, there is a break point.

  Mr. Sheng told reporters provides the computer television integrated machine full set of purchasing data, showed that the price of the product is 4289 yuan, the distributor for the lynx good cattle digital shops, delivery place, Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Wuhan computer world,. Mr. Sheng said, February 1 in the afternoon, the SF express the goods sent him, he simply look packaging, no obvious damage, sign.

  That evening, Mr. Sheng intends to use the machine, electricity, appeared the problem.

  The second day morning, Mr. Sheng quickly with related parties of the product contact. Listen to the digital good cattle dealer Mr. Sheng tells, let Mr. Sheng the packing box to see the pictures to them. "I put the box 6 surface and inside foil plastic foam, altogether to photograph them. Good digital cattle after seeing photos, this is not their responsibility, because the package is damaged." Mr. Sheng was very surprised, hurriedly went to check the box, see the front, there is a small inconspicuous damage.

  Do is so damaged broke his computer and TV? Mr. Sheng examined the clung to the breakage of the plastic foam, unscathed.

  The 24 hour return policy change

  Production Huike Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. of after-sales service hotline told Mr. Sheng, if their detection, TV and computer hard disk through electric time no more than 1 hour, you can explain the user does not use the product. Other advice Mr. Sheng put the machine back to the dealer haoliu digital. Because their terms of service, as long as the user within 24 hours and found the problem, can be returned to the dealer, the dealer to the factory to return. Between the manufacturer and sales agents, there is a risk of loss.

  But when Mr. Sheng Niu digital turnaround proposed return, good cattle digital account and Huike electronic customer service completely different. Good cow digital that Mr. Sheng and ask questions in the sign, will be in accordance with the relevant provisions to deal with the lynx. The other party that Mr. Sheng in the sign before, should perform inspection duties. Since it has been signed, that buyers of goods approved. If the customer does not sign, they can find the logistics. But now the customer sign, packaging damage, so that customers are part of the responsibility.

  Later, the general agent Mr. Jiang Hui Electronics in Wuhan also told reporters expressed the same view with good digital cattle.

  As for between manufacturers and dealers because "property damage insurance, 24 hours found problems can be returned to the argument that Huike electronic after-sales service department is responsible for Mr. Zhang on the phone, told reporters denied the claim. Mr. Zhang said that they have no direct cooperation with the lynx Hui Electronics, the sales agent relationship with the lynx. Agents with the lynx agreement, do not represent the views of manufacturers.

  The lynx customer service said, they had to Huike electronic customer service inquiries, each other does this argument, but now backpedal. Lynx customer service call recording, repeatedly confirmed the problem. On this issue, lynx customer service agreed with Mr. sheng.

  The dealer does not recognize the specified identification mechanism

  After lynx with the manufacturers of many consultations, February 16, Mr. Sheng will be computer television integrated machine sent to Shanghai old true north Huike electronic specified institutions were detected. If the detection result is damaged by logistics, manufacturers will fulfill the obligation of return distribution agents. Mr. Zhang Hui Electronics told reporters that the true north is the third party organization, they commissioned by the manufacturers in Shanghai.

  February 16, Mr. Sheng repair, the agency issued marked Huike electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. the Huike electronic display maintenance work ", which stated:" due to logistics and make the machine packaging damage, packing the weight of external foreign body, lead to the damage of the machine screen. "

  Get the appraisal report of Mr. Sheng, think things can be solved, so quickly to the manufacturers and dealers, lynx digital sending cattle. However, he never imagined, the dealer does not endorse this test report.

  Wuhan General Agent Mr. Jiang told reporters that the report, issued by the Shanghai identification unit, manufacturers and identification of the report in the format is not the same, if they took the report to manufacturers apply returned goods, manufacturers

Contacts: Ms. Zhou
Tel: 0769-87576526
Fax: 0769-87516527
Email: jie0710k@163.com
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